Schooner Soundwaters

(example text, how the organization will be participating.) The Astronomical Society of Greenwich will be celebrating the Summer Solstice at Experience the Sound on June 21. They will have free telescope demonstrations for solar observation, finding the crescent Moon, Venus, and perhaps even Jupiter in the daytime sky, and will be providing information about the ASG and ecological aspects of astronomy such as reducing light pollution.

You will find (the organization) near the Old Greenwich Yacht Club.

About the Organization

The Schooner SoundWaters is The Teaching Vessel of Long Island Sound. A representation of a 19th century sharpie schooner, the SoundWaters is an ideal platform for learning and experience for both students and adults.

For students, this three-masted, 80’ ship, typically serving forty students, is a teaching platform for the Science of the Sound, a hands-on, science-infused learning experience aboard the Schooner SoundWaters. During this three-hour science enrichment program students will help to raise the sails, haul in a trawl net and examine the ecology of Long Island Sound.  Students test the Sound’s water quality along their town’s coastline, demonstrate mechanical advantage, touch and investigate the structures of live animals, and more.  The program provides an interactive learning experience that cannot be simulated in a classroom and serves to reinforce many of the ecological concepts and theories introduced throughout SoundWaters education programs.  The program embodies the standards for Connecticut and New York Core Science Curriculum Frameworks and prepares students for the States Mastery Tests.


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