Reusable Carryout Bag Initiative

Reusable Carryout Bag Initiative

The Reusable Carryout Bag Initiative will be joining Experience the Sound again this year, sharing information about their initiative to protect and improve the environment in Greenwich, in partnership with local retail businesses. Our goal is to encourage the use of reusable carryout bags and the phasing out of single-use plastic bags.

You will find the Reusable Carryout Bag Initiative near the Innis Arden Cottage.

About the Reusable Carryout Bag Initiative

Reusable Carryout Bag Initiative is a group of Greenwich grassroots volunteers who want retailers and consumers to work together to reduce the environmental damage caused by single-use plastic bags. Reusable Carryout Bag Initiative encourages retail establishments to have reusable bags available for purchase.

Greenwich is on the forefront of a growing movement to decrease harmful single-use plastic bag pollution, because of the lasting environmental impact these bags have on our communities, waterways and landscapes.

We need to play our part, by thinking globally and acting locally.


  • An estimated 950 million single-use plastic bags are handed out to shoppers in Connecticut every year.
  • The average single use plastic bag is used for about 12 minutes before being discarded, yet causes causes damage to the environment for decades.
  • Studies show that only 5-10 % of these single use plastic bags are properly recycled. Most end up slowly degrading in landfills over hundreds of years. Others get caught in trees, pollute our waterways, clog gutters and sewers and pose life threatening risks to birds and marine life via ingestion and entanglement.
  • Plastics do not biodegrade, but instead break down into small particles that adsorb toxins and enter the food chain through fish, sea birds and other marine life.
  • Single use plastic bags cost Connecticut taxpayers millions of dollars every year for statewide disposal in the solid waste stream.

They burden municipalities responsible for cleaning up bags from roadways and storm drains where they cause flooding.

Enjoying this estuarial seaside town comes with responsibilities.  Please be a part of the solution.  Reusable Carryout Bag Initiative was inspired to form after watching this movie and hope that it will inspire you as well!


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