Greenwich Conservation Advocates

Greenwich Conservation Advocates will be joining Experience the Sound providing information about water conservation. They will be available with information about how you can join their group and in particular, how you can join an effort to create a new ordinance in Greenwich protecting our town from contamination from oil and gas extraction wastes such as fracking wastewater.

You will find Greenwich Conservation Advocates near the Innis Arden Cottage.

About Greenwich Conservation Advocates

Greenwich Conservation Advocates (GCA) is a grassroots neighborhood organization that initially formed in early 2017 in response to concerns about local drought conditions. GCA supports and promotes local water conservation and quality protections.

GCA’s current key issues of focus include:

  • Best management practices related to water conservation.
  • Public education on lawns as the largest factor in the misuse and contamination of public water resources and bodies. The vast quantities of water used to irrigate lawns as well as the use of water-soluble fertilizers, other chemicals, and nutrient-loading not only unnecessarily deplete a finite public resource but also negatively impact the health of our aquifers and larger water bodies such as the Long Island Sound.
  • Identifying and supporting efforts to protect open space as a significant element impacting water quality and supply.
  • Improving and supporting current public education efforts by the Town of Greenwich, Aquarion and Eversource on water conservation.
  • Supporting water quality protections that include but are not limited to preventing the potential storage, treatment, or reuse of oil and gas fracturing waste and wastewater in the Town of Greenwich.