Archeologist Ernest A. Wiegand

Archeologist Ernest Wiegand

Archeologist Earnest A. Wiegand will be at Experience the Sound on Sunday, June 23 demonstrating a number of historical artifacts found in the region.

You will find Professor Wiegand near the Innis Arden Cottage.

About Archeologist Ernest A. Wiegand

Ernest Wiegand is a Professor of Archeology, Geology and Sociology at Norwalk Community College. His area of specialization is in northeastern prehistoric and historic archeology.

Professor Wiegand has been at NCC since 1975, where he helped develop the Archeology as an Avocation Certification Program.  He has been the coordinator of this program since 1990 and faculty advisor of the Archeology club since 1975.

Professor Wiegand has assisted and directed many student research projects that have led to the discovery of over 200 prehistoric archeological sites in Southwestern Connecticut. While intended for the training of the avocational archeologist over a dozen students have pursued advanced degrees in anthropology or archeology and serve in a number of professional capacities. The archeology program provides an excellent opportunity to learn with hands on experiences in all steps of archeological research.


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